Batman vs Superman: Who would really win?

Batman vs Superman. Let’s be honest for a second. If they were both standing naked in a ring and it were up to a no weapons, bare knuckle fist fight, Supes would definitely knock the crap outta old Brucey and win in the first round by KO. Take away super powers however, and Clark Kent would have his ass handed to him like a cheap cheerleader at the senior prom. But the reality is that Superman has super…well super everything… and he is about as close to a demigod as the DC Universe can offer. But, he lacks a few things. And those things make him weak. And weakness makes you vulnerable which in turn makes you defeat-able. Especially against an opponent such as the mighty Batman. With the big build up to the 2016 Heavyweight Championship bout, let’s do the weigh in.

The Batman

Essentially the fight between arguably the two greatest heroes in the comic book universe, will never be as simple as just a physical battle. Batman is a dark character with a screwed up past and an even more twisted psyche. He’s not the best superhero, in fact he’s not even super as he possesses not a single super power.  ultimate_batman_by_silwenga-d46l3a1But, he is driven, calculating and downright dark with a moral code as flexible as chewed up bubblegum. And he has – on more than one occasion – proved willing to cross certain lines to achieve the mission objective. If you really take a look at the character build up of Bruce Wayne, it’s frightfully clear that he has some serious mental issues. The man is a sociopath running around a city dressed as a bat for crying out loud. But, as unstable as he is, he is a master at mind games and finding opponents weaknesses – and using those against them is what makes him dangerously underrated.


  1. Trained Fighter – he is a trained martial artist and strategist (thanks to his time in the League of Shadows).
  2. Skilled Warrior – He has had plenty of fight experience since childhood.
  3. Tough as Nails – he has survived many attempts on his life and still made a come back. (Even when Bane broke his back)
  4. Armed – Batman has an arsenal of only the very latest in weaponry at his disposal.
  5. Ruthless – He doesn’t spare his enemies.
  6. Intelligent – He is smart and calculating.
  7. Prepared – he studies his opponents and always knows what they will be doing next allowing him to plan ahead. (This is thanks to the fact that he is just mortal and has had to deal with many a superhuman in his career).
  8. He is not a good person. As quoted from Batman: Hush                                         “If Clark wanted, he could use his superspeed and squish me into the  cement. But I know how he thinks. Even more than the Kryptonite, he’s got  one big weakness. Deep down, Clark’s essentially a good person… and deep down, I’m not.”



  1. No Super powers.
  2. Superman’s best friend.



We all know and love perhaps the most recognizable hero in all of comic book history. We think of capes and we see The Man of Steel. He stands for “truth, justice and the American way” and let’s face it he has the ultimate man-of-steel-henry-cavill-superman-concept-art-5bouquet of superpowers. But there is one decidedly important point we all seem to forget about ol’ Supes – he is only “superhuman” while in our solar system, and more so while on earth. He gains his powers from our yellow sun and our lesser gravity, but he would be an average guy back on Krypton (in fact he would probably be bullied). See what happens when he faced Zod? He got whipped. Because Zod, like Supes, is superhuman here on Earth, but Zod has actual combat training. Nonetheless, he is Superman and the fight in question is against a mere mortal so here goes the pros.


  1. Heat Vision – He could literally fry Batman from a mile off.
  2. Freeze Breath – Or just turn him into a Popsicle and then crush him
  3. Super Strength – I mean the guy has been knocked straight on the kisser by The Hulk and still got up for godsakes.
  4. Super Speed – his punches travel at just under the speed of light.
  5. Flight – He can pick Bats up and fly him into outer space.
  6. Bulletproof – Or basically anything human proof.
  7. Super Intellect – because he’s super and stuff.



  1. Kryptonite – All his enemies know it kills him, and all of them know where to find it.
  2. Red Sun light – It removes all his superpowers.
  3. Magic – Superman has no resistance to magic and has on more than one occasion fallen under the mind control spell of some or other magical being. He also has his ass handed to him when he faces an opponent who is magical like Thor or Captain Marvel.
  4. Batman’s Best friend.
  5. He is a good person and that alone always gets him.


In summary

Because of Superman’s inherently good nature, he never uses his full power and always holds back. His greatest weakness is the fact that he is such a goodie-goodie with a major conscience and never allows himself to step over the line. He is predictable and his greatest weakness plays right into the greatest strength of Batman. Batman has an advantage mentally over the boy in blue in that he knows him. In fact, in the comic books, Superman actually charges Batman with the task of putting him down if he ever went rogue to “save humanity”. That means that from the start of the fight Superman already has an inferiority complex.

Batman for the win. What do you think?